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For organisations


Over 90%

Plug & play

Hands-free, it works
for you while you
grow your business


Cost & time savings
linked to absenteeism
and presenteeism


True personalisation
through state of the
art Science and R&D


​Key insights for decision-
making at the organisation
or team level

One stop shop

Only one solution to
address the different


Less than 0.1% of all
health apps are
scientifically validated


Technology designed
around the individual,
not around the product

Tailored solution

Solution fully
customisable to the
needs of the organisation

Global & 24/7

Available globally
and everyday with no

Radical privacy

The individuals own
their data and it
remains safe & private

High productivity

A happier person is a
more productive

Sample high-level roll-out process for organisations


Online registration + shipment of analysis kit.

About 5 weeks later, each individual receives their risk profile across over 45 traits, based on 650,000 biomarkers.

🕑 90% iamYiam / 10% you

Launch Event

Once participants have received their results and unlocked their personal dashboard, a company-wide engagement rollout event is organised.

The half day event features a keynote speaker and focuses on clear goals and outcomes for the organisation.

🕑 80% iamYiam / 20% you


Online: weekly engagement via weekly personalised newsletter, competitions, campaign and personalised research insights.
Offline: regular touchpoints and small groups onsite events including breakfasts and lunch & learns.

🕑 98% iamYiam / 2% you


Aggregated anonymised company-wide or team-specific analytics & trends.
Includes key insights & recommendations for decision-making.

🕑 95% iamYiam / 5% you

The risk calculator

The exact number for the cost of ill-health for your company is probably impossible to calculate as the consequences are far-reaching and affect sales, productivity, client satisfaction or even creativity and enthusiasm which are essential but hard to quantify. Companies will find nearly as many figures as the number of articles they read on the topic, and rarely will they find figures that are directly relevant to their company and its specificities.

We have consolidated UK official data with credible research to build our cost of ill-health calculator. We have analysed the various factors influencing absenteeism to allow for an individualisation of the benchmark that companies should compare themselves to. Is it really relevant for a London based high-tech company to compare itself to the same benchmark than an industrial one working out of Wales? Probably not!

Finally, we allow companies to estimate the reality of how much the ill-health of their employees is costing them. We use a conservative approach to the calculation by using official government figures where available and the most credible research & studies to complement it.

The executive report

We work alongside companies to build performance through empowering the employee to take charge of their health and lifestyle. What if you knew how to maximise both people & business performance? What if you knew how to reframe benefits to retain your best people? What if you could get an integrated picture of your employees? What if you knew the biggest risks to your employees and what if you could give yourself more time?​

The executive report can provide all the above and more. It is designed to provide a tailored snapshot of your employees’ quality of life and performance, quarterly, every 6 months or every year. It provides industry/competitor benchmarking company-wide or at the level of a department or a team.​

Our radical privacy policy comes first. Thus, all analytics are anonymised and based solely on aggregated data. This gives peace of mind to the employee and to the organisation that confidentiality and privacy are retained throughout the entire journey.

Data privacy, security & ownership


Ownership lies with
the individual

Radical privacy

ISO 9001 &
ISO 27001 compliant


Latest encryption

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