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Friends of SYD™

Discover SYD™ – an Artificial Intelligence that has insights from +200,000 research papers to become your health conscious friend that provides personalized advice on how to achieve your wellness goals.

SYD™ is now building his friends network, and waiving away the subscription for the service in exchange for your feedback on him, and how he can improve to become an invaluable part of everyone’s day to day life.

Introducing SYD™ (See Yourself Differently)

Syd™  is your personal smart health assistant. Interacting with Syd will help you develop and monitor your Life Quality Index – a reflection on the areas of your health that matter most. Your Life Quality Index will develop over time and evolve depending on what you do, read, eat or the supplements you use.

An understanding of your own genetics is a vital component in seeing yourself differently and in setting out the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Our test, measuring 642,825 genetic markers, highlights areas of activity and nutrition to allow you to make uniquely personalised choices for change.

See yourself differently with an everyday lifelong personalised solution

Combining data, genetics and scientific research with your lifestyle goals and traditional health practices, iamYiam empowers you to achieve peak performance in any area of your life.

How Syd works to deliver a personalized wellness experience

Syd will guide you towards meeting your wellness goals by constantly monitoring the interaction between you and him and crossing that data with information analyzed from more than 200,000 research papers to provide tailored nutritional, activity and lifestyle recommendations.

Using the latest in artificial intelligence, Syd combines your interaction data, with genetics data and the research to make recommendations as relevant to you as possible.

How Syd works?

  • You answer Syd’s questions, or mark an activity as done.
  • Syd analyzes the answer and parses hundreds of data points related to the activity / question and your profile
  • Syd compares the results against research data and then evaluates and proposes best next steps to achieve your goal

What SYD offers you

To help grow  Friends of SYD™ community, we are providing selected users with a lifetime access to SYD™.

100 Lite accounts for Free (value of each account: USD 300)

  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Goal Setting
  • Daily Recommendations
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Monthly Reading

40 Premium accounts for Free (value of each account: USD 520)

  • Lite Membership +
  • Genetic Analysis

How can you help your new friend SYD™?

In exchange for free lifetime access, selected users will be expected to help SYD™ over the course of the next 3 to 4 months:

1. As much as possible, use the app on a daily basis

2. Record your notes on how you think SYD™ can improve

3. Once a week, give SYD ™ feedback on how the interaction between you and him works (via email / group)

4. Answer a general questionnaire once a month on how you feel you are progressing with SYD ™

Ready to join Friends of SYD ™ and start exploring the benefits of a health companion powered by Artificial Intelligence?

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