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Press Release: IamYiam Partners With LongevityLab

Press Release: iamYiam partners with LongevityLab

December 2, 2019 – London, UK: (“LongevityLab”) and iamYiam Limited (“iamYiam”) today announce a strategic partnership to jointly improve the quality of life for millions in Central & Eastern Europe (“CEE”) over the coming years.

90 per cent1 of the $8 trillion2 global healthcare cost are associated with lifestyle conditions, with obesity and mental health conditions leading the way across CEE. These are amongst the greatest issues our societies face today.

The strategic partnership aims to provide people access with state-of-the-art preventive research through iamYiam’s AI-driven health companion, SYD. The SYD technology, powered by AWS, will be deployed in the region through LongevityLab to achieve cost-effective, positive health outcomes for millions.

Petr Sramek, CEO of LongevityLab stated: “In the face of growing costs associated with decreasing performance and increasing prevalence of preventable physical and mental health conditions, AI-powered precision healthcare has become a must-have for 21st century public & private institutions. Through iamYiam, LongevityLab is excited to bring such powerful personalised solution to Central & Eastern Europe, a region with a very strong appetite for innovation.”

“At the dawn of new technologies, we need to take a new look at what health means and how we can best deliver on the promise of sustainable health every day and lifelong”, says Lorena Puica,  CEO of iamYiam.

“Good health is about so much more than being free of disease. It requires each of us to be able to nurture our physical, mental and social well-being. Often small lifestyle interventions are all that are needed to dramatically transform our quality of life. But faced with an overwhelming amount of advice and conflicting information, people struggle to know what will work best for them. At iamYiam, we apply the latest technology to empower you to take control of your life. We use cutting-edge AI, underpinned by the latest scientific evidence, to provide tailored insight and advice, based on your specific circumstances. A personalised life coach gives you the tools, support and motivation to enable you to improve your quality of life, to live better, be healthier and more productive.” continued Ms Puica.

By bringing together two innovation-driven organisations in a future-facing collaboration, the partners will draw on their combined capabilities and take a fresh approach to create a human-centric, affordable and sustainable health solution that seeks to address these growing societal challenges.



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About LongevityLab

Prague-based LongevityLab’s mission is to seek and make the latest knowledge and technologies available to radically improve mental and physical health. As a digital health-oriented business looking to apply preventive technologies, LongevityLab continuously deploys solutions across CEE with the aim to enhance quality of life, longevity and overall life satisfaction.

About iamYiam

iamYiam is a world leading Science-backed prevention platform serving both individuals and corporates as well as governments and educational institutions. The company is on a mission to improve the quality of life of a billion people by 2025 – by generating AI-powered personal insights from genetics, lifestyle and environmental data and applying it to each individual’s life journey in order to reach sustainable health. Combining big health data, AI, genetics and academic research (covering >2.5 million clinical trial subjects), iamYiam delivers the world’s first personalised sustainable health platform. With a team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and clinicians, iamYiam and the iamYiam Foundation are focused on Science-backed preventive health and customised care that fast tracks one’s progress towards optimal health – from childhood to retirement.​

iamYiam has been selected as a leader in health & technology and has received several acknowledgements, among these the Seal of Excellence for Research and Innovation awarded by the European Commission. iamYiam was also selected by the UK Department for International Trade to represent UK healthcare innovation globally and invited to join Toronto’s MaRS hub as a lifetime member. Most recently, iamYiam was the topic of chapter 9 of the Future of Health Case Study in WIPO’s Global Innovation Index.

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