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The Science of a Good Night’s Sleep

Studies found that households with higher debts had an increased risk of stress and depression, reduced overall health and higher blood pressure. By carefully budgeting and educating ourselves on finances, we can be happier and healthier, overall.

Health benefits of pineapple

Not only are pineapples rich in antioxidants, they have also been shown to increase our melatonin levels significantly. Melatonin concentration peaks 2 hours after consumption, and can best regulate our sleep-wake cycle at this time.

Microsteps – the best way to create a healthy routine?

When scrolling through our social media platforms, it is not uncommon to find ads that promise to reduce our stress and anxiety, improve our sleep quality and lower our risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. These products alone are unlikely to treat these conditions. However, our Science-backed microstep approach will produce the emotional and physical benefits.

Could Tai Chi be for you?

Tai Chi is positively associated with reduced anxiety and depression. Tai Chi helps improve your balance, which is a great way to strengthen your core and reduce your risk of back pain. Tai Chi reduces time to sleep onset and increases total sleep duration

Why should we pay more attention to our sleep?

With current estimates of the UK sleep debt standing at £40.3 billion pounds annually and a widely acknowledged decline in physical and mental health, it is time sleep got the attention it deserves. This confirms the need to pay more attention to this most underrated asset of human vitality, productivity and performance. Knowing your sleep type is key to unlocking better sleep.

Today’s need for a life course approach to ageing

While ageing is inevitable, it still remains malleable, meaning the precise course that ageing takes is not predetermined but is actually a subject to variety of influences. Policymakers have so far neglected to take into account ageing, even though it poses a great challenge to society today. The focus has been on old age, rather than the actual process behind ageing. This leaves place for a new perspective, where policymakers should focus on the ageing process itself.

Goji Berry – The World’s Most Nutrient-Rich Fruit?

Goji berries have numerous health benefits and this is why they have been consumed by the Chinese population for many years. These benefits include increased energy and performance, improved sleep, fatigue and stress, promotion of weight loss and finally decreased glucose levels.

Genetic Profiling 101

What is genetic profiling, how does it work and what information does it give us? Tell me what kind of proteins your body makes and I will tell you who you are!
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