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Cordyceps – what are they?

Cordyceps are a group of fungi that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. They are thought to have various health benefits, such as having antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-tumor properties, improving exercise performance, and managing diseases.

Beta-alanine – what is it?

Beta-alanine is a popular supplement among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This is because it has been shown to enhance performance and benefit overall health.

Sudarshan Kriya Yoga – what is it?

Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, or SKY, is a type of cyclical controlled breathing practice with roots in traditional yoga. It is a yogic practice meant to purify your body, mind and spirit.

Why you should experiment with HIIT

Around 34% of men and 42% of women in the UK are not active enough for good health. Some of us don’t necessarily have the time to fit exercise into our busy schedules, or we can’t find sufficient motivation. If this is your case, HIIT might be just right for you.

Microsteps – the best way to create a healthy routine?

When scrolling through our social media platforms, it is not uncommon to find ads that promise to reduce our stress and anxiety, improve our sleep quality and lower our risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. These products alone are unlikely to treat these conditions. However, our Science-backed microstep approach will produce the emotional and physical benefits.

Could Tai Chi be for you?

Tai Chi is positively associated with reduced anxiety and depression. Tai Chi helps improve your balance, which is a great way to strengthen your core and reduce your risk of back pain. Tai Chi reduces time to sleep onset and increases total sleep duration

Harnessing the power of physical activity

Many of today’s cities are feeling the strain of rapid and profound change. Unprecedented challenges - such as growing populations, land scarcity, social inequalities and lifestyle illnesses - are placing a heavy burden on the social infrastructure of modern cities.
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