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Breakfast, the most important food of the day

There is a reason this meal is the most important one and should never be skipped. Not only having a daily breakfast gives us our intake of nutrients, iron, calcium and fibre, but it also helps in long-term weight loss. There are certain guidelines to make your everyday breakfast more beneficial and enhance our wellbeing and health.

Benefits of lemon water

Lemons are best known for their high vitamin C content and refreshing taste. Lemon are also full of antioxidants and contain some vitamin B6. Drinking lemon water has many health benefits, including weight loss and improved skin.

3 benefits of home-cooked meals

Home-cooked meals might seem like a challenge – buying ingredients, preparing food and cleaning up afterwards can look daunting in comparison to eating out or ready meals. However, a small effort can reap huge health rewards.

5 health benefits of Bacopa Monnieri

As we get older our cognitive functions – memory, speed of processing and reasoning – gradually deteriorate. Bacopa Monnieri is a possible treatment against this decline and protection against various neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases.

How Cinnamon regulates sugar

Cinnamon is a commonly known spice all around the world which, besides its great taste, might also offer advantages to people at risk of or suffering from diabetes due to its ability of blood sugar regulation.
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