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A Brand New Look For Syd™

A Brand New Look For syd™

A brand-new look for syd™ = brand-new features for you.

Today we are excited to reveal the latest update for syd™. In this release you will find a host of shiny new features, all carefully designed to make every day better.

You’ll discover restful meditations, easy scheduling and a supportive community, right at your fingertips – all wrapped within fresh, diurnal colours for energised mornings and calm, restful evenings to promote deeper sleep.

Let’s take a look at some of the updates in more detail.

A New Look

A fresh diurnal colour palette will gently change throughout the day. You’ll wake up to a bright morning mood, enjoy balanced afternoons, and experience a restful, darker evening ambience specially designed to promote deeper sleep.

Guided Meditation

We listened to your feedback and are delighted to announce the addition of powerful meditations right within the syd™ app. Featuring the warm, inspirational voice of Dr. John Vervaeke, our new guided meditation feature combines the science behind calming and focusing a busy mind with the benefits of mindful relaxation. Take a few moments to rest, centre and find clarity, whatever your day may hold.

Doctor of Philosophy and award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto, John teaches across disciplines including cognitive psychology, neuroscience and mental health. His passion for bringing together ancient values and contemporary psychology enables him to provide inspiring, mindful meditation underpinned by robust cognitive science.

Organise Your Schedule

You also wanted an easier way to include recommendations in your daily schedule. We are pleased to introduce the all new syd™ scheduler. For each activity suggested by syd™, you’ll have the option to get started right away, schedule for a certain time, or swipe to save for later. You can also view recently completed activities, and even check in to see what’s in store for the next day. syd™ loves to be organised!

Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon, including our new community features and get in touch with us to arrange a demo of the syd platform.




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