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Empowering people and organisations to thrive everyday with SYD

SYD provides predictive population analytics for enterprise & AI virtual companion for employees

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The tools of yesterday don’t solve today’s challenges

Lost by US employers
annually due to stress-
related absences

Lost by US employers
annually due to
fatigued employees

Annual cost to UK
businesses due to
sickness absence

Lost by UK economy annually
via underperformance due to
mental health issues

Annual cost to UK
employers via lower
productivity due to back pain

Learn more about how SYD can help you

  • Personal health account
  • Radical data privacy & security 
  • Backed by the latest scientific research
  • ​Preventive & purely focused on risk mitigation
  • Over 90% employee engagement
  • 100% hands-free, it works for you
  • Significant cost savings linked to absenteeism
  • Pooled analytics for decision making
  • All-in-one solution combining the most advanced technologies
  • Easy to integrate, plug and play​​
  • Built for scale​
  • Globally available and geographically agnostic

How it works

We leverage Ai, molecular research and digital technologies to fully understand the life quality status of each member and with the help of their personal Ai partner Syd, they can better understand, manage and act upon their health journey.

​To date, we have enhanced the management of health risks such as cardiovascular disease, stress, mental health conditions and musculoskeletal disorders for people in 32 countries as well as improved their quality of life by up to 61%.

Success stories

I had always wondered how my body reacts to certain foods and its ability to process different vitamins and nutrients. My iamYiam dashboard is fascinating and not only gives me really helpful information on what food to avoid and what I need more of, it also gives me real insight into what I need to do in order to keep myself fit and healthy for the years to come.

Joining iamYiam has been interesting…as it highlights my health up’s and down’s and helps me figure out my health journey. I particularly like the custom dashboard…it’s very easy to use and the regular emails I receive seem to be tailored to my own goals and challenges. These keep me motivated and I very much look forward to reading them when they come in!

As the CFO of a multi-site retail business, I am often travelling and diet and exercise quickly drop from ‘must do’ to ‘nice to do’. Using iamYiam made me change my approach so that I now proactively plan to sustain my health to the benefit of both my work productivity and my personal life. The solid science and credibility behind the recommendations give me the confidence that I am doing the right things for me and for my family.

Having been introduced to the science behind iamYiam I was really interested to learn about my body's internal set up and ability to react to different foods and drinks. As a result of that understanding, I have changed my habits and diet to more closely match my body's strengths and supplemented some of the gaps with natural supplements that iamYiam recommends. I have lost some weight, sleep better and feel better as a result of this knowledge and actions.

Despite my initial reticence, I was gifted a lifetime membership to iamYiam over a year ago and what a present! With so much generalised advice and so many "wellness" products on the market – iamYiam was such an easy process and has given me the most fascinating and personalised picture of my health. So many things now make sense and I constantly refer to the ongoing recommendations. iamYiam is now my most trusted guide for all personalised health matters.

iamYiam has made an instant impact in my life and had tremendous positive effects. It’s told me things about my body and lifestyle I had never even considered to be important to my long-term quality of life. The support I get from my sessions with the practitioners are in depth, thorough and highlight what I can do, to perform better throughout the day – just by making easy, hassle free changes to my lifestyle.

iamYiam delivers a simple, clear strategy to define and specifically target my health goals, based on my very own lifestyle and DNA; this is a life-changer and I'm excited to sign in regularly for news, updates and of course to chart my progress, exciting

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