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Delivering measurable results everyday

  • 2.5-14x return on investment
  • 3+ days annual reduction in absenteeism
  • 50% weekly app engagement
  • 80% conversion at launch
  • 29% annual increase in quality of life

Reap lasting benefits for your organisation through:

  • Anonymised & encrypted data
  • Costs, savings & risk calculator
  • Industry/competitor benchmarking
  • Real time calculated ROI
  • ISO 27001 compliant solutions
  • Data-driven unique actionable insights

As a technology-focused law firm, we are always on the lookout for the most disruptive and promising innovations. We adopted iamYiam as part of our efforts to promote employee well-being, productivity, foster inclusion at work and significantly lower absenteeism. Maintaining strong physical and sound mental health with iamYiam has been of particular importance. The launch at our offices saw a nearly 85% take up rate, with employees remaining engaged on the long term and often checking on each other’s progress. iamYiam is the tool of choice for 21st century organisations looking to invest in their talent while boosting productivity in a sustainable way

Andrew Joint, Managing Partner, Kemp Little

In a world where most of the healthcare spending is still going towards treating illnesses after they manifest, early adopters of technology-driven prevention will come on top in the near future. iamYiam is very simple to use, one of the most engaging and the only all-encompassing platform available. It is certainly ahead of other preventive solutions currently on the market

Dr. Andrew Vallance Owen, MBE, Retired Chief Medical Officer of Bupa

We know what makes each person one of a kind

  • Prevent your major health risks
  • Focus on what’s right for YOU
  • Get in shape & stay that way
  • Manage your quality of life in one place
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Know what to do, eat and read

A solution built on data and the latest scientific research

Research covering 2.5 million people

Trademarked Life Quality Index (LQi)

Scientific Advisory Board

iamYiam has been very easy to use. It empowered me to regain my energy levels, shed a few kilos and sustain my new healthy weight. It is very tailored to my own goals and challenges. It keeps me motivated and I very much look forward to opening the app everyday

Simone O’Dwyer, Investment Professional

My iamYiam dashboard is fascinating and not only gives me really helpful information on what food to avoid and what I need more of, it also gives me real insight into what I need to do in order to keep myself fit and healthy for the years to come

Adrian Fisk, Journalist and Photographer

I was gifted a membership to iamYiam over a year ago and what a present! iamYiam was such an easy process and has given me the most fascinating and personalised picture of my health. So many things now make sense and I constantly refer to the ongoing recommendations. iamYiam is now my most trusted guide for all personalised health matters

Victoria Fuller, PR Director

iamYiam has made an instant impact in my life and had tremendous positive effects. It’s told me things about my body and lifestyle I had never even considered to be important to my long-term quality of life. I am now making easy, hassle free changes to my lifestyle

Will Dixon, Senior Banker & Extreme Athlete

iamYiam delivers a simple, clear strategy to define and specifically target my health goals, based on my very own lifestyle and DNA; this is a life-changer and I’m excited to sign in regularly for news, updates and of course to chart my progress, exciting

Richard Trives, Startup CEO & Helicopter Pilot

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Powered by cutting-edge AI

Based on radical privacy principles

Easy plug-and-play rollout

Operating on 5 continents

The future of Health and Personalization. iamYiam is all about delivering personal health through Science. It uses proprietary algorithms to provide you with personalized health recommendations supported by scientific research and genetic profiling, which helps you see exactly what’s best for your health and well-being

Easy to access, the latest from iamYiam helps you to set health goals according to your genetic profile as defined by a saliva test. Are you better off working out with endurance in mind, or more predisposed to strength training? Would you be better off following a diet that’s card-heavy, or rich in certain fats?

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